Dog Grooming Services

Full Groom

From £48

The full groom at includes:

De-tangling Clipping or scissor finishing
Eyes, ears and nails cleansed and trimmed

Full Groom Pricing

Small breeds from £48
Medium breeds from £52
Large breeds from £62
Giant breeds from £75
Hand Stripping on request


Pricing is determined by the size, breed and temperament of your dog, as well as the condition of its coat.

We know that your pooch may not need a full groom at every visit so we offer a range of treatments to keep them looking at their best. We’ll discuss all of this in your initial consultation so there are no surprises.

Bath & Blow-dry 

From £35


Nail Clipping



Puppy Intro

£28 (up to 5 months old)

An excellent way to introduce your puppy to the grooming environment at Murphy’s, your puppy will become confident and comfortable with our grooming equipment and your puppy will get used to the noises and smells of the salon.

Matted Policy

We will always attempt to de-mat a coat, but only if we feel that the animal will not suffer pain. We have specialist equipment at the salon and this will always be the first port of call.


However, in compliance with the Animal Welfare Act, if it is agreed with the customer and in the interests of the animal, we will have to shave off matted areas, to prevent unnecessary suffering. Shaving the coat is quicker and kinder. Many dogs are traumatised by unnecessary hours of de-matting, putting them off grooming for life. When a dog is presented in a severely matted condition, it is our policy to shave the whole coat using electric clippers with a close blade. To de-matt would cause the animal tremendous stress and discomfort, and often leaves a very thinned and damaged coat.

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